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     Deggler already had 36 kills under his belt. Every 10 years for the last 30 he murdered 12 targets then disappeared. Those that he killed were weak, vile and deviant. Regardless of what the police and the public called them, he never thought of his targets in terms of being victims. They were, each of them, “the befallen,” and it was his God---given duty to remove them from the face of the earth. The cops and press dubbed him “The Martyrs Maker.” Over the years Deggler had become quite proficient at killing. He honed his skills and elevated his game from when he first started. Deggler was patient and meticulous. He stalked his prey for months and learned as much about them as possible. Nothing he ever did was random or coincidental. The cops were predictably incompetent. Only once did they come remotely close to catching him. His three kill cycles took place in three. different cities, which only added to their inability to predict his next move. He killed the first 12 in San Francisco, then Chicago and then Boston. Knowing that this would be the end of his mission he picked the perfect city for his crowning moment. By the time he was done, New York would never be the same.





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