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Praise for Laws of Wrath


“Eriq La Salle’s Laws of Wrath is all thriller; no filler—a white-knuckled treat.” – James Patterson


“Fast­paced…. Characters are richly textured [and] none is without faults. Sets the hook for the captivating series.”­­ Kirkus

63 reviews/4.7 rating

Praise for Laws of Depravity

Named one of the Best Indie Thrills and Kills of 2013 by Kirkus


“A gritty crime thriller, spiritual quest, and love story all woven into one compelling tale.”

- ­ Publishers Weekly


“The surprises keep coming in La Salle’s twisting debut thriller, in which good and evil aren’t

always black and white. In addition to the absorbing, fast­-paced plot that will keep readers

guessing until the end, each wonderfully sculpted character has a distinct, lifelike personality.

The plot offers catalysts for change while raising spiritual questions and blurring the line between good and evil, which propels the story upward from being merely a solid, entertaining thriller to being a gripping must-­read that could have readers pondering right and wrong long after they’ve finished. A delightfully twisting roller­coaster ride through light, dark and the shades between.” ­­ Kirkus


“An utterly compelling and riveting thriller with echoes of the dark master, Thomas Harris. Here, La Salle also adds a surprising twist by weaving in a spiritual component that raises the narrative to lofty and thought-­provoking levels. It's a wonderful accomplishment.” --Leonard Chang, author of Over the Shoulder and Crossings


“Actor and Director Eriq La Salle’s intense debut is a modern day parable cleverly masquerading as a crime novel. A muscular, gritty, and spiritual thriller.” ­­ --John Shors, bestselling author of Beneath a Marble Sky, The Wishing Trees, and Cross Currents


“It will take you on a heart­pounding ride of vengeance, murder and atonement, never letting you rest until you've reached the final page….” – Neal Baer, Coauthor of Kill Switch and former EP of “Law and Order S.V.U.”

207 reviews/4.7 rating

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